Sound Level Meter

Human Vibration Meter

Noise Dose Meter

PULSE Multi-Channel Analyzer

PULSE Test and Measurement Softwares

PULSE Platform

Sound (CPB) & Vibration (FFT) Analysis
Multi-channel data recorder and playback
Time capture and post data processing

Acoustic Solutions
Sound Power
Sound Quality
NSI – Noise Source Identifications
Material Testing – Sound Absorption and Transmission Loss Coefficient
In-cabin Vehicle Noise Measurement

Machine Diagnostic Solutions
Order Analysis
Balancing – single / two-plane
Envelope Analysis
Vibration Check for Aircraft Engines
Machine Diagnostic Toolbox

Electro Acoustic Solutions
Telephone Testing
Distortion Testing

Structural Dynamics Solutions
Classical Modal Analysis
Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)
Operating Deflection Shapes Analysis (ODS)
MIMO Analysis

Vibroacoustic Solutions
Source Path Contribution
Vehicle Simulator

Accelerometers and conditionings
Acoustic transducers and conditoning
Pulse Reflex Acoustic Camera
Aircraft Acoustic Engine Vibration Check System

Shaker System
Noise monitoring terminal
Integrated Airport Noise Monitoring Solutions – WebTrak

Condition Based Monitoring Products
Condition Monitoring
Safety Monitors
Compact Monitors
Handhelds (Offline)